About Us

About-UsWhat is United Debates of America?

We are a membership-based community dedicated to protecting democracy by providing a national discussion for all Americans to listen, share, and learn from one another, decipher facts together, and apply public pressure to our elected representatives, all resulting in a larger, more informed voter turnout and thriving democracy.

The purpose is to have an open national discussion, free of advertisements and business influence, so that productive, meaningful, and above all truthful conversation about politics may occur. United Debates of America was founded to restore and protect our democracy. At a time when so many politicians are blatantly corrupt and there is no “appropriate” place to talk about politics beyond your immediate bubble it can feel like your 1 vote doesn’t make a difference. That’s very unsettling because the reality is that Americans are manipulated systematically to feel this way.

The truth is OUR government works for THE PEOPLE. As we are stressed and isolated, we naturally disengage in political involvement. This is exactly what corrupt politicians are quite literally banking on. They use corporate media to spread misinformation intentionally to cause confusion. Now, if we expect anyone to be a watchdog to government we must accept that we the people are the only ones for the job.

United Debates of America communicates in forums and polls. Not surprisingly, we determine how the community functions and important decisions based on discussions and poll results. Your voice and vote shape the future of this community.

Unlike traditional social media sites that foster ego and encourage displaying as much information about yourself as possible (at your risk and their gain) we take a much different approach. The focus here is on discussion which fosters connection and understanding. We encourage users to use discretion revealing any identifiable info including posting a profile pic of something of interest rather than your face. This also keeps your identity anonymous from attacks and judgement ensuring you have a safe space to inform yourself and evolve on issues. Your voice will be heard regardless of gender, race, religion, or party affiliation. We ask that every member follow the ground rules and report any suspected violations. Violators may have their account terminated and/or banned access.

Connecting with fellow Americans to share news and perspectives is how we make smarter votes and create real change in our country.

Always be aware that your opinion is a starting point, by which you must do your due diligence to decipher truth and consider others, so that we may have liberty and justice for all.