This community is dedicated to constructive discussions on politics to engage political involvement, resulting in a larger, more informed voter turnout and thriving democracy.

 Without such national discussions, how do we ensure democracy exists?




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Nothing is free. When you use "free" social media sites you are not a customer, you are the product. Your data and traffic is what generates revenue and delivers you individualized ads and thoughtful algorithms. Our community is funded through a membership so our focus remains gathering as many Americans together as possible to listen to one another in a thoughtful way so that we can all cultivate a more informed voter turnout and restore democracy.


Your user experience at Facebook is unique to you. Algorithms may be great if we're talking about keeping up with loved ones, but is that really how we want to treat our news and political debates? At United Debates of America you vote each post up or down. The most popular insights are the ones populated first. This ensures the loudest voices are the most popular not the most outlandish, while also maintaining a consistent experience for all users. This consistency is critical when talking about political news so that we have a non-bias environment to form a foundation for healthy debate.

Democracy Begins With YOUR Involvement 

Using tech as a tool in our democracy toolkit, our platform can help overly stressed and busy Americans decipher the most important information impacting our lives. Join to share your perspective and listen to others. An informed voter is much more likely to turn out on election day!


Share your perspective and expertise in a community dedicated to truth and political involvement.

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